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It's me, Natalia :)


Graphic design and websites are my passion. I really enjoy it. I like eye-pleasing and functional things and together with my clients, I try to implement such projects.

Privately, I greatly appreciate a positive approach to life and a good sense of humor. I am a person who tries to look for solutions, not problems.
Natalia Jaguś
After work...
Natalia Jaguś
I ride a motorcycle. The passion was instilled in me by my uncle when he first let me ride his old Polish WSK Motorcycle. Currently, my equipment is KTM Duke 390.
I go on long and short distance trips. My longest journey was to the USA, where I visited two coasts, the Grand Canyon, and experienced camping in Death Valley.
I am interested in (non-professional) video recording and editing. They mainly concern traveling and the absurdities of everyday life.

And this is Masza!

My indispensable helper. She is a Junior Customer Satisfaction Specialist and constantly supervises my work. In her spare time, she is interested in naps and chasing cats, of course in a friendly manner.
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